Why Regular Inspections and Maintenance are Imperative

Roofs are subjected to harsh weather, structural movement and stresses, as well as chemicals present in the atmosphere. While normal aging will occur on all roofs, small problems stemming from neglect, abuse, contamination, error or accident can result in costly repairs or premature failure of the roofing system, if not detected.  A regular program of inspection and repairs will help detect minor problems before they become serious, thus avoiding interruptions of the building functions, and most importantly, protecting the owner’s investment by adding years to the life of the roof. From our experience, we have come to the conclusion that “Preventative Maintenance” is imperative on protecting your roof investment and the longevity in your roof system.  That’s why ROOF Management has dedicated a maintenance team to specifically handle this program.

We offer many programs depending on your specific needs. We perform an initial inspection of each building to help us determine which program will work for you.

Some of the things we investigate are:

Type of drainage, general overall conditions, type of roof system, conditions of any roof flashings, copings or other roof penetrations that may be present. We also judge the surrounding to determine how much debris may end up on the roof and into the drainage system.

All of this information is then compiled into a detailed report with photographs for your review. Along with this report is our recommendation for maintenance on your specific building. In most cases a program is designed around a Spring and Fall visit when it is most necessary. This allows us to clean the gutters and roof drains in the Spring and then again after the leaves drop in the Fall.

Any major problems that need to be addressed will be documented with photographs and quoted separately from the maintenance agreement. Many of our customers choose to set a price “not to exceed” when there is an additional repair that’s needed and can be handled on a scheduled visit which saves the cost of an additional trip back to the job.

Industry Specific Roofing & Maintenance Applications

  • Small business
  • Commercial, industrial & manufacturing
  • Property management, shopping malls & municipalities
  • Institutional, food service & hospitality
  • Chain, franchise & multiple locations
  • Schools, churches, arenas & nonprofit entities

Don’t be deceived or misinformed – Did you know…

In many instances your existing commercial roof warranty requires specified and documented PM (Preventive Maintenance). Roof Management is knowledgeable and experienced in assisting you in  determining what issues you are accountable for to sustain your manufacturer’s warranty.